MILDURA Lions Club

District 201C2 Victoria Australia

Mildura Lions Club

We meet on the Second Thursday of each month at the Lions Den situated at the western end of Eleventh Street next to the Mildura Gun Club, and on the Fourth Thursday of each month at the Cider Tree at 46 Deakin Ave, Mildura.

Meetings start at 6.30pm for 7.00pm.

Becoming a Lion

Lions club members are men and women who strive to make a difference in their local community as well as in communities worldwide. Their volunteer efforts go beyond the support of vision care, to addressing unmet health and education needs worldwide.

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The Mildura Community

Mildura is located on the Murray River in the north-west of Victoria on the border of New south Wales, and is 550 km north-west from Melbourne, 400 km north-east of Adelaide and 1,080 km west of Sydney.


The climate of Sunraysia is warm and dry, which has an average:

  • annual rainfall of 292.1mm;

  • 122 clear days per year;

  • annual minimum temperature of 10.3°C;

  • annual maximum temperature of 23.6°C, and

  • 77 days per year when the temperature exceeds 30°C.


The population of Mildura is 28,744 with 4.5% more females. The Sunraysia area has a population of 58,976 and 6,767 of those are in the Wentworth Shire within New South Wales.


The Sunraysia region grows the following percentage of Australia's produce:

  • 98% of dried vine fruit;

  • 75% of table grapes;

  • 66% of almonds;

  • 48% of pistachios;

  • 24% of citrus;

  • 20% of wine grape crush;

  • 13% of carrots, and

  • 9% of asparagus;


Transport consists of rail (goods only), road and air. The Mildura airport is the busiest regional airport in Victoria, with 138 flights per week and 202,179 passengers per year (2012).

Mildura is accessible by air from:

  • Melbourne with a flight time of 70 minutes;

  • Sydney with a flight time of 130 minutes;

  • Adelaide with a flight time of 65 minutes, and

  • Broken Hill with a flight time of 55 minutes.


Arts Mildura presents a year-round program of events set in unique Murray River locations, including:

  • Murray River International Music Festival in January;

  • Mildura Wentworth Arts Festival in February;

  • Mildura Writers' Festival in July;

  • Murray Darling Palimpsest every second year in September;

  • Mildura Jazz, Food and Wine Festival in November;

Other events occurring within the area, are:

  • The Mildura Country Music Festival in late September and early October;

  • Opera by the Lock in March, and

  • The Wentworth Sweatbox Art and Furniture Competition in July.


The Murray and Darling Rivers have made the Sunraysia region a great destination for tourists, who also enjoy visiting the many national parks such as Mungo National Park, which is at the center of the Willandra Lakes World Heritage Area.

Food and wine, water sports and sporting events also draw large numbers of visitors to the region.

The Mildura region hosts more than 300 events each year, attracting people from across the country and across the world.